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Tired of having weak erections? Want to treat your erectile dysfunction (ED) Naturally and have great sex with your partner every time? Read on

 Let's face it, as a man it is embarrassing to not be able to perform well in bed with a girl that you like. If you are a man who suffers weak erections, erectile dysfunction or Ed, impotence, low sex drive and libido, you have 2 solutions. The long term solution and a short term solution.  


1- Long term solution to treat weak erections, impotence and Erectile dysfunction (ED). 3 to 6 months to get results. 
  • Eat the foods that can improve erections. (see the list below)
  • Consume the best vitamins for erections. (see the list below)
  • Do the exercises for stronger erections. (see the list below)  
  • Sleep well, 7 to 8 hours every night.
2- Short term Solution for your erection problem. Works Fast, in 1 hour o less.
  • Use a Natural herbal supplement for Strong erections and to treat your Erectile dysfunction (ED)
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best vitamins for sex & harder erections



Foods and supplements that can improve the quality of your erections and ED.


1) Garlic for erections & ED

Garlic is known to be very beneficial as a natural testosterone booster. In an animal study involving rats which showed that garlic can increase testosterone levels, which also leads to better libido and erection strengh.


Another benefit of garlic is that it reduces inflamation and blood pressure. As a matter of fact, garlic activates the eNOS system in the body which produces nitric oxide, an enzyme helpful for widening arteries and improving blood flow to your penis.


Garlic consumption has also been shown to reduce blood pressure better than other pharmaceutical products and high blood pressure is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction and weak erections.


Another interesting human study also showed that when garlic is combined with a Vitamin C supplement, there is a massive 200% increase in nitric oxide levels along with a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.


2) Korean Ginseng for erectile dysfunction

Ginseng root was one of the first herbs that received mass media coverage since the early 1990s. It was said that this wonder herb improved concentration, enhanced memory and increased sexual desire.


However, one of the most important uses of ginseng for centuries has been as an adaptogen, witch basically means that it can help reduce stress and keep the adrenal system balanced.


The reason this is important is because stress can increase blood pressure and can also lower testosterone levels which are two of the major causes of weak erections.


It gets better:

Not only does korean Ginseng reduce stress but it also improves nitric Oxide levels in the body. In fact there was a study done in Korea involving 45 men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction.


After only 8 weeks of taking ginseng the men reported improvements in erection strength and sexual satisfaction.


There was also another study done that involved 60 men suffering from ED who took 100 mg of Ginseng 3 times dayly.


The researchers found that after 12 weeks the men had marked improvements in being able to maintain a hard erection.


3) Pomegranate for strong erections

Pomegranates are quite beneficial for erectile strength and they can do wonders for your health too. Calling them a Natural Viagra might not be that untrue. If you don't beleive it, just look at the different studies which have proven its benefits for hormonal health and circulation.


An Israeli study showed that long-term consumption of pomegranate is associated with an increase in nitric oxide levels and a drop in blood pressure levels. There is also a decrease in arterial plaque and reduction in bad "LDL-cholesterol"


Moreover, another human study showed that daily pomegranate consumption increases testosterone levels by 24%.


Bottom line:

Pomegranate can help men who are having problems with erection strength and can also help men suffering with erectile dysfunction.


4) L-arginine for a harder penis

L-arginine is an amino acid found in meat and dairy products. It can also be created in the laboratory.


Citrulline, however  is an amino acid that can be found in watermelon that transforms to Arginine in the kidneys. There are many studies to show how arginine can increase nitric oxide. Arginine is basically a vasodilator, which means it expands blood vessels and improves blood flow. All the studies show that L-arginine increases nitric oxide and blood flow.


The bottom line is that Arginine or Citrulline is known as a safe treatment for erectile dysfunction in humans. 


5) Nitrate-Rich Leafy Greens for better erections

What you need to know about dietary nitrates is that they are converted into nitrites by tongue-bacteria present in the gut and the bacteria there converts the nitrites into precious nitric oxide.


This relaxes the arteries and helps increase blood circulation, which also improves the circulation and blood flow to the penis resulting in better erections.


There are some foods rich in nitrates: Spinach, kale, iceberg Lettuce, Beets, Arugula, Celery, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Radishes and Swiss chard.


6) Zinc for more testosterone & better sex

Everyone has heard of zinc and most people know about its beneficial on the body but the question is whether it enhances erections.

Here's what you need to know:


There have been numerous scientific studies to prove that zinc increases testosterone and significantly improves libido in men.

So for that reason, it won't hurt to add zinc in your diet by eating foods like pumpkin seeds, oysters, nuts, shellfish, egg yolk, and beans.


Boosting testosterone by increasing zinc levels is going to have a positive effect on erection strength.


As mentioned earlier in this article there are definitely some foods for harder erections that if eaten regular can help any man improve his erection strength. Follow the advice in this article and you will see improvements in your erection strength.



4 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know what the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction are? Do you know which supplements can increase the power of your erections? 

In this article we are going to cover what vitamins have been scientifically proven to increase erection strength in men.

The vitamins mentioned below will not only improve erection strength but will also increase testosterone and nitric oxide production.


Supplements that increase Erection Strength:


Vitamin C for Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin C has to be first on the list of the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction. There is a lot of research to show how vitamin C can increase nitric oxide production in the body and studies to show how it protects nitric oxide from being attacked by free radicals.

In fact reasearch from a 2010 study by reproductive partners medical group showed that Vitamin C and Calcium helped the pathways that lead to improvements in nitric oxide production which are very important for men wanting to cure erectile dysfunction.


The reason that nitric oxide is so important to erection strength is because nitric oxide improves blood flow and oxygen delivery to every area of your body including the penis. To help improve nitric oxide it is a good idea to stop smoking and be moderate in alcohol consumption.


There is now research that shows that when 2 grams of vitamin C is taken with 4 garlic tablets (containing 13.2 mg of alliin and 6 mg of allicin) the levels of nitric oxide increased by an amazing 200 % and blood pressure dropped to levels not even achieved by regular medication.


This shows that saving money and supplementing with vitamin C and Garlic can be a great way to improve erectile dysfunction.


Vitamin D for Erections and ED

Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but is, in fact, a hormone. This hormone has been shown to improve testosterone levels and improve nitric oxide production in the body.


Without Vitamin D there will be no nitric oxide released in the body and without nitric oxide, you can say goodbye to strong penis erections.


But Vitamin D has other benefits for general health aside from hormonal health and nitric oxide production.

According to the acclaimed Vitamin D expert, Dr Michael Holick this vitamin has the greatest power of all the vitamins he has researched to improve human health.


With all the studies that have been done on Vitamin D what researchers have found is that men with Vitamin D deficiencies have lower nitric oxide levels and lower testosterone levels.


The combination of low nitric oxide levels and low testosterone is going to have a negative impact on erection strength.


A study done by the University of Milan showed that men with erectile dysfunction had 20% lower levels of Vitamin D compared with men who had no problems with erection strength.


This study that involved 1362 men showed that when the subjects took a supplement of Vitamin D there was a significant increase in testosterone levels.


This study showed that men with adequate levels of Vitamin D had high levels of testosterone compared with men who were deficient in Vitamin D.


A great way to get Vitamin D is to take a high vitamin Butter oil/fermented Cod liver oil supplement. Or get it mixed with calcim and magnesium like Neolife Cal-mag with 1000 I.U of Vitamin D


Vitamin E for hard penis erection and ED

Vitamin E is another great vitamin for erectile dysfunction. The reason Vitamin E is important is because it's a powerful antioxidant which can help to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body


The increase in nitric oxide will help blood flow throughout the body which will increase erection strength.


Vitamin E is also great for promoting arousal in men. The way Vitamin E promotes arousal and libido is by boosting the production of prostaglandins which are compounds with hormone-like effects. Vitamin E has also been shown to protects the heart from damage.

It is well-known fact that anything that keeps the heart healthy will also lead to a healthy sex life.


Here are some studies to show that vitamin E is one of the best supplements to increase erection strength.


A study concluded that antioxidant therapy with Vitamin E improved age-associated erectile dysfunction.


Another study showed that 4 weeks of taking 1000 I.U of Vitamin E increased nitric oxide production and blood flow in the body.


Lastly, another study showed that supplementation with vitamin E significantly increased testosterone in human subjects and male rats.


To make sure you are getting enough Vitamin E consume foods such as nuts, seeds, grean leafy vegetables and fish.

If you want to get good quality Vitamin E supplement look for one that says water miscible D-alpha tocopherols such as Neolife vitamin E Plus


Citrulline for Erectile Dysfunction

Citrulline is a very powerful supplement to take for anyone wanting to find a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Citrulline is converted into L-arginine which is an amino acid that makes nitric oxide in the body.


You might be thinking that if L-arginine makes nitric oxide which helps erections then why not take L-arginine instead of citrulline. However what studies are now showing is that citrulline is even more powerful at improving erections than L-arginine. Let's examine why.


When Arginine is ingested nearly 50% is converted into ornithine by the enzyme arginase in the liver. This means that half of L-arginine will not be converted into nitric oxide but instead, will be metabolized in the liver. That's why it's not as effective as Citrulline.

In the liver is where Citrulline is so useful because unlike L-arginine it's not metabolized in the liver but instead goes into the kidneys where it is easily transformed into L-arginine. All the studies conclude that Citrulline raises both nitric oxide and levels of L-arginine in the blood more dramatically than taking L-arginine alone.

Scientific proof that Citrulline helps erectile dysfunction.

A study showed that Citrulline supplementation increased erection hardness in men suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Another study showed that Arginine levels in the body increased by 22% through the intake of Citrulline.


Lastly, a study showed that Citrulline supplementation increased nitric oxide in 20 healthy volunteers.

The best dietary source of Citrulline is watermelon. One cup of watermelon contains around 250 milligrams of Citrulline making it a great and easy way to improve erections. 


Best Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction or ED

When it comes to improving erection strength one thing we have to concentrate on is improving blood flow. So with that in mind here are some of the best exercises for erectile dysfunction that will improve blood flow to the penis and make it very hard.

Core Exercises

Doing core exercises are a great way to improve erection strength because when the core region is exercised blood supply is increased not only in the core area but also to the groin.

leg raises are a great way to acheive this.

Bodyweight Squats

Bodyweight squats are another great exercise that will improve erection strength because they improve circulation in the body and help blood supply to the groing area.

They also work one of the biggest muscle groups in the body resulting in a natural boost of testosterone.

Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises are a very powerful way to boost blood flow to the penis. They can also help men to last longer when having sex.

Action plan to cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and enjoy a great sex life. Here is a clear plan of action to naturally cure ED:

Make sure you are getting adequate levels of the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction discussed above. The best ones are Vitamin C, D, E, garlic tablet and citrulline.


Eat foods that improve erectile performance like spinach, kale, arugula, watercress, beets, water melon, pomegrenate etc...


Include some of the best exercises mentioned above that will help blood supply to the groin area such as core exercises, bodyweight Squats and kegel exercises.


Naturally increase your testosterone levels.


Include some powerful natural pde5 inhibitors into your diet such as icariin extract, pycnogenol, citrulline, tongkat ali, artichoke extract, quercetin, cinnamon, black ginger extract and butea superba.


Best foods to increase Nitric Oxide and improve sex


More Nitric Oxide means stronger Penis erections. Below are the best foods high in Nitric Oxide that can help anyone to increase their level of Nitric Oxide. Increase your nitric oxide level is one of the Best thing you can do to improve your heart health, your erection and your sex life:  


Dark Chocolate

 Several Studies have shown how dark chocolate can increase nitric oxide and blood flow in the body. The research shows that polyphenols found in dark chocolate can reduce oxidative stress and help the body produce more nitric oxide.  



 Sometimes called natures Viagra Watermelon contains an abundant amount of L-Citruline which is then converted into Nitric Oxide in the body. This ability of watermelon to raise nitric oxide has been proven in numerous studies.  



 Pomegrenate has gained a massive amount of research showing its ability to improve cardiovascular health and blood pressure is in large part due to how its compounds help to boost nitric oxide and blood flow throuhg the body.  



The reason arugula is so powerful as a nitric oxide booster is because it contains more nitrates that any other vegetable out there.  


Beet Juice

 The reason we want to consume beet juice is because firstly beets are known to increase nitric oxide but secondly they also help to lower estrogen by acting as a methylator.

 And by helping to keep estrogen levels low our testosterone levels will start to increase.  



 Spinach contains an abundant amount of Nitrates and a study was done at Karolinska Institute in stock-holm that showed that adding nitrates to men's diets lead to muscles becoming more stronger and efficient so Popeye really did know his stuff. 



Oranges help with the production of Nitric Oxide by the high amounts of Vitamin C they contain protecting nitric oxide from being attacked by free radicals thereby keeping nitric oxide levels high.  




 Walnuts pack a potent dose of the amino acid L-arginine and one of the key functions of this amino acid is to convert into nitric oxide.  



 Salmon is a very good food to eat for overall health with its high concentration of essential fatty acids but the mighty salmon also contains a dose of Co-enzyme Q10 and this enzyme has been shown in studies to protect your nitric oxide and increase it in the body.  



 If you are a vegetarian or vegan but still want the benefits that co-enzyme Q10 has on nitric oxide production then kale is something you want to have handy in the kitchen as it contains a good amount of co-enzyme Q10 and it also is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat.


If you are serious about increasing your nitric oxide levels try to add some of these nutrient packed foods into your diet. This will lead to levels of nitric oxide rising and you will reap all the benefits to heart health and also erectile health.